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You run into trade-related problems on the job or in your business every day—but with all that you’ve got on the go, it can be hard to find the time to learn how to solve them with confidence. That’s why you’ll love EDC x FITT Lite Learning Series, published by Export Development Canada (EDC) and FITT, the industry experts you can trust. The free downloads below are taken directly from the acclaimed FITTskills program, and you can read through each informative unit in just one hour or less.

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Selecting a Market Entry Strategy

Want to move into a new market, but aren’t sure what to do next, or how to manage the potential risks and costs? 

Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each market entry option, and the accompanying process you need to take to select the strategy that will work best for you.

Cash Flow Management

A cash flow management plan is essential to businesses in international trade to prevent bankruptcy and keep day-to-day business functioning.

Learn what impacts your cash flow, what changes you can make to improve your cash flow, how to make projections, and how to develop a cash flow plan.

Establishing Sales Channels to International Markets

Once you decide to sell in international markets, you must then decide how to do so, with several available options to choose from.

Learn about each available sales channel, as well as how to select which option(s) are best for you, manage your sales relationships and abide by laws applying to your products or services.

Marketing with Digital Technology

Digital marketing tools can build awareness for your company worldwide and convert that into purchases faster than ever before.

Learn how to increase your website traffic, improve the online customer experience, and influence customer decisions at each point of sale.

Analyzing and Mitigating Currency/Foreign Exchange Risk

Currency exchange rate fluctuations create a degree of uncertainty for any business engaged in international trade.

Learn how currency/foreign exchange risks affect you, how to select the best risk mitigation and foreign exchange strategies.

Conducting Cost and Pricing Analysis for Exporting Products

Before exporting your products, you need a cost and pricing strategy to ensure your transactions will be viable.

Learn how Incoterms® and HS codes can affect your costs, and set your pricing strategy based on market, environmental and internal factors.


Analyzing and Mitigating Commercial Risk

What possible risks do your business partners, suppliers or customers present to your business?

Learn how to identify all key areas of potential risk, measure risk probability, and develop a plan to mitigate them.


International Contracts and Partnership Agreements

International and domestic contracts can differ in ways which, if not understood and managed, can result in costly disputes.

Learn how each party’s rights and obligations are defined, what international rules govern your contracts, and how to settle disputes if they arise.


Documents and the International Trade Transaction

What documents do you need to create and file to meet legal and regulatory requirements and avoid financial penalties or customs issues?

Learn how to properly complete, submit and manage all required documents, dotting every “I” and crossing every “T”.


Crossing Borders and Managing Customs

Shipping across borders involves keeping track of many various agencies, laws, regulations and customs.

Learn how customs and border security agencies function, what steps you need to follow to comply with all customs regulations, protocols and programs, and how customs brokers can help.


Intellectual Property Protection

Your goods or services are your business and you need to ensure your intellectual investment is protected internationally.

Learn what intellectual property (IP) risks exist in global markets, how to protect your IP in other countries, and how to identify the latest IP trends.


Adapting Products and Services

Each market is different. Do your products or services need to be adapted for international market entry?

Learn how to identify your adaptation options, choose the option best suited for your specific customers and market requirements, and customize your value proposition and pricing to ensure success.


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